The Law of Gravity says that everything has to go down unless it has a support. To climb, you need some source of energy.

This cone has no motor and no legs. There is also no magnet to pull it on. No hidden secrets. You are seeing everything that is going on.

But if it's not magic, or tricks… then are the laws of physics being disrespected?

Fortunately no! Just look the right way to see what's going on!

What is your interpretation?

This Manual do Mundo channel video teaches you how to assemble an antigravity cone like this one from our collection! He also explains the physical concepts involved in its assembly in a very didactic way.

Since we have commented on supposedly disrespected laws of physics, this Inovação Tecnológica article explains a little about antigravity, a super interesting new theory, applicable in some very specific cases.

This piece explores the gravitational properties of small objects on the Earth's surface, where the gravitational force practically acts uniformly in the vertical and downward direction, but this fits into a more general context of Newton's theory of universal gravitation. This Khan Academy video sequence explains a little about this theory, bringing both a theoretical view and the calculations involved in this type of study.

Newton's theory of universal gravitation was improved by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, which has even been over 100 years old! This Super Interessante article tells a little about the discovery made by Albert Einstein, as well as the difficulties involved in generalizing his theory, giving a historical but also a physical view of his revolutionary study.