We are used to thinking that the Cartesian system is the best coordinate system, for be the most “natural”. But this is not always so. In this example, if we want to see lines through the mirror, we will have to draw curves on paper. Try drawing lines, circles, triangles and rectangles to be seen as such. through the mirror. And if you enjoy a challenge, how would you generate an image to put on paper, at the bottom of the cylinder, of so that it appears “corrected” through the mirror?

Many artists are dedicated to anamorphic art, both with mirrored cylinders and with other distortion and perspective features.

From the image below, you can see that, looking at the piece from the front, it is very difficult to see what it represents, but it's when looking at its reflection in the cylinder that the magic happens!

Wikipedia page about anamorphosis, which shows how it is observed in areas such as geometry, nomography, optics, the arts visuals, among many others!

Video of "Bora Passar" channel, showing the anamorphosis in geography! Specifically, on how it is used in cartography.

Still showing the idea of anamorphic maps, the World Mapper presents several maps in this format, many on various current and relevant topics.

Page of Street Painting 3D on Leon Keer's Anamorphic Room, showing the enormous presence of this style in Art.

Page of Futility Closet which shows the anamorphosis in the art of M.C. Escher, including having the cylinder as reference.