Matemateca accepts donations from individuals and companies, through an account with the Fundation of Support to the University of São Paulo (FUSP). The acquired resources will be used to create new parts, repair of damaged pieces and to increase the visibility of the collection, both within the Institute and in temporary exhibitions.

Matemateca is a center of dissemination and teaching of mathematics created by professors from IME-USP, with the support of the Dean of Culture and Extension of USP and CNPq. It aims to break the barriers of the language of mathematics through the confection of interactive objects. Matemateca has a side to support IME-USP professors, but it also has another to motivate and delight people with mathematics.

The pieces created by Matemateca always seek to explore some playful, unusual, challenging or contemplative aspect related to basic and higher mathematics. As a result, the pieces attract all types of audiences, and can be seen in different layers, which eliminates a pre-filter to reach people who come to visit.

Currently, Matemateca faces difficulties in maintaining and expanding its pieces and exhibitions. The big dream is to have a space of its own, but resources are needed to set up the exhibition. As there is immense difficulty in finding a professional who can bring object theory to practice, the value becomes very variable for each idea. The simpler, the lower its cost, which makes it difficult to produce more complex parts.

The donations will be used to take care of the maintenance of the existing parts and for the creation of new parts. In addition, the resources would also be used to contribute to the exhibitions of the pieces, which would help Matemateca to reach more spaces.

To make a donation, contact Matemateca via email: or